As a high level senior softball player, Steve McKinlay was growing increasingly frustrated with the high prices and rapidly deteriorating quality of softball bats on the market. It became obvious to Steve and his fellow ballplayers that the bats on the market were overpriced with no durability.

God's Sports Company was initially focused on manufacturing a bat in China that would be durable and yet perform. It soon became apparent that the quality we were demanding from China would never be realized. It was then that Steve began the quest to find a composite manufacturer in the United States.

After a nationwide search over several months, and numerous meetings with potential manufacturers, Steve made contact with a composite manufacturer in South Carolina. A great working relationship and friendship was formed, with the common goal of creating a bat of the highest caliber possible, and doing so on American soil.

At God's Sports Company,
we believe that America was founded on honesty and integrity.

Our goal is to bring honesty and integrity to the sports industry. Because this company bears His name, God's Sports Company is committed to excellence in every way.

Our "God Bless America" bat has a unique, innovative design different than any bat on the market. God's Sports Company will challenge the major competitors who manufacture in China with bats that are of higher quality, excellent performance, fair prices, and proudly bear the stamp "Made in the USA."

Above all, Steve's heart is that people will come to know how awesome God is and how much He really cares for all of us.